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Variable Pump Control System
DONGGUAN YUTAI Machinery adopt the imported high precision ratio variable valve pump system for injection molding machines, which can save the energy at 20-30%.
2. Attached with high sensitive pump valve close loop, oil line control feedback, our injection molding machines can highly control the output pressure and flow, which makes the production steady with high quality.
3. The heating valve for the overflow of the oil line is reduced by a wide margin, the cooling water can save 1/3-1/2.
4. Oil temperature is low, which can make the oil seal life longer, failure rate reduced and can lower the cost.

Hybrid servo closed loop system
Save electricity: The injection molding machines with high efficient hybrid servo system can save the energy at 30% -40% from the variable pump system, which can save the energy at 50%-60% from the ration pump.
2. Super precision: The injection molding machines achieve to control the speed & pressure accurately: responsiveness at 0.1 second, reproducibility less than 0.1%, positioning accurate can reach 0.002 degree.
3. High efficiency, low heating value: No heating value from fixed pump relief valve and no heating value from variable pump control the oil temperature rise up, which achieves the cooler & tank with small volume.

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